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Dayone Clinics


Location: Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Mission: Brand Interior Design
Client: DAYONE
Project Type: Interior Design


Commissioned to develop the coherent space design that can enhance the image of the dermatology clinic brand “DAYONE” in Séoul, South Korea, Reset-Studio is designing the interior spaces and furniture taking into account the technical requirements for the high stringent sanitary standard.


To be perfect in line with the brand image of the Clients (clean, basic, essential), Reset-Studio proposes the design with natural and simple materials such as wood and stone that cohabit with vegetations.


The essence of the vegetations is chosen considering the internal environment of the clinic space that can control the humidity and purify the air.
The treatment spaces are located detached from the façade in order to maximize the natural sun light into the space.

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Location: Seoul South Korea, Mission: Interior Brand Design,, Client: DAYONE,  데이원 피부과 인테리어 디자인 리셋 스튜디오 RESET-STUDIO