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Location: Suncheon, South Korea
Mission: Architecture/ Urbain Projet
Built area: 2 335 m²
Site terrain: 10 514 m²
Client: Suncheon CITY
Budget: N/C
Project Type: International Competition
Status: 2nd Prize, 2016

Despite of the emergent re-vitalization of the urban plan, the project site already has its potential charms.  It is surrounded by highly dense, typical low-rise buildings and faces the Ok-Cheon riverbank. The river flows towards the south and omni-present mountains float beyond in the background. The goal of our proposal is to maintain and enhance this particular urban character as an old center while ensuring the initiation of regeneration in this central area. In this regard, the following strategic solution is proposed



Project is comprised of volumes with similar dimensions of the existing buildings of neighborhood in height, width and depth, in order to achieve the harmonious urban context for this museum/ visitor center project. Visitors can wander between these new volumes, visiting museum, getting information from the visitor center, listening lectures in the multipurpose room or simply passing through.



Culture hub platform

The Culture Hub is the main platform and is located on the same level as the surrounding streets, allowing fluid and easy access from anywhere without any level change. On this platform, public programs such as museum and visitor center are cleanly laid out in a form of light transparent glass volume.


Art platform

Art platform located on the west side of the site and is designed to be an extended outdoor art museum and public space for gatherings. Compared to the Culture hub platform where the public is moving, this public space will encourage visitors to more “stay and take rest”.


Ok-Cheon platform

This Ok-cheon platform has two levels: Upper level under the main canopy cantilever and the lower level on the same level as Ok-Cheon river bank. Both of these Ok-Cheon platforms are the most exposed and most “public & symbolic” platforms. The upper platform is characterized by its embracing roofs whereas the lower one has its own character with the “re-discovered” old Suncheon wall by simple excavation. They are connected by large stairs that can be used as spectator benches for the performances on the lower platform.


Inside-roof platform

Between the superimposed roofs of the canopy, the public connection passage to the New Yeonjaru and the cafeteria creates the high platform, the belvedere where the visitors can appreciate the panoramic view of old city surroundings.




The architectural masses are created with glass. These glass volumes, whose opacity is managed by automatic rolling tissue screen allows to control the way of seeing the exhibition. A curator or a museum set designer can expose the art objects toward exterior and all outside area of the platform can be transformed to a huge art gallery open to the public. Regarding the visitor center, the essential information on the old center can be seen directly from the exterior.

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Location: Suncheon, South Korea, Mission: Architecture/ Urbain Projet, Built area: 2 335 m², Site terrain: 10 514 m², Client: Suncheon CITY, Budget: N/C, Project Type: International Competition, Status: 2nd Prize, 2016