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Location: Helsinki, Finland
Mission: Architecture project
Area: 10 000 m²
Client: The City of Helsinki
Budget: 69 000 000 Euros
Project Type: International competition

The library as we know it is in the process changing, in function, shape and material. Libraries traditionally are thought to merely contain reading material, music, film and spaces to use them. In the project, there are nine programmatic volumes, each housing the new library, such as a children’s world, cinema and the collection. The ground level represents the institutional body, the library, which ties together the new and old programmatic requirements within it. This architecturally reveals the collaboration between all the varied types of uses, much like the hope for collaboration and interaction between a diverse group of people.

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Location: Dives-sur-mer, France, Mission: Urban Master Planning, Area: 18 000 m², Client: The City of Dives-sur-mer, Budget: N/C, Project Type: Public project, Status: Completed in 2017