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Location: Nanterre, France
Mission: Architecture project
Area: 160 m²
Client: Private
Budget: 360 000 Euros
Project Type: Private
Status: Completed in 2017

The children/parent house is situated on a long and narrow plot of land measuring 7m x 60 m.  Access to natural light through out the house was the primary design concern. To take advantage of the site, we stretched the house out and separated it into two major volumes (the third volume being a shed at the end of the garden). The two main parts of the house are linked together by a circulation arm that reaches out along one side of the site. This creates an internal courtyard, bringing natural light and greenery into all major rooms.


The first volume, which we call the “children house,” consists of main entrance and garage on the ground floor, 3 children’s bedroom with en suite bathrooms on the first floor and then a playroom on the second floor.


The second volume or the “parent house” consists of a large living and  kitchen first floor  and then the parents bedrooms on the first floor.


The volumes are cladded by vertical wood elements that serve as sun shading, a means to preserve privacy and to visually unify the design.

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Location: Nanterre, France, Mission: House Project, Area: 250 m², Client: Private, Budget: N/C, Project Type: Private project, Status: Completed in 2017