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Location: Arcueil, France
Mission: Renovation
Area: 600 m²
Client: City of Arcueil
Budget: N/C
Project Type: Public project, Completed

The Salle Jean Vilar has two theaters complex. The 2 theaters have a capacity of 263 and 79 places and are equipped ff digital projectors since 2012.  The main room has can have different configuration of space: a cinema configuration and a theater configuration.


However, this implies safety problems of access to the stage for the actors, problems of access for the public as well. It made difficult also to install a permanent decorations that are necessary for the Mise-En-Scene.  The stage of the main hall requires doubling of its surface to accommodate the spectacles.


It is also to create the direct access to the scene from the back stage that is missing today in this complex.  The proposal of a back stage volume outside of the building is therefore put forward.  The back stage is therefore proposed outside of the theater in an extended volume that overlooking the neighboring school yard.


This extended volume therefore make it possible to ensure a «back-stage space» for the actors accessible from the makeup rooms, to «evacuate the second room» in the schoolyard and to be able to propose a «storage place» for the stage material at the same level as the stage.

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Location: Dives-sur-mer, France, Mission: Urban Master Planning, Area: 18 000 m², Client: The City of Dives-sur-mer, Budget: N/C, Project Type: Public project, Status: Completed in 2017