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Gwangju City Library


Location: Gwangju, Corée du Sud
Mission: Architecture
Surface du site: 11 000 m²
Budget: 28 000 000 Euros
Type de Marché: Concours International
Calendrier: Mention Honorable, 2020
Partner: Superstring Architecture, Studio ANTONINI, Yoon Joo CHOI


Despite its disconnected urban situation, the project site is surrounded by the beautiful and remarkable nature environement : numerous grown-up trees arrayed along the site limit, the Gwangjucheon stream less than 50m away from the site and the endless agriculture field to the north side, etc.

On this same site, co-exists also the non-functional incineration plants with its huge chimney and the heat supply facility. With its gigantic scale, they have become the icon of this area whether lliked or not. Our proposal is the result of the reflection on how to harmonize the above two strong characteristic elements on the site, the nature and the industrial architecture together with the Cith Main Library of Gwangju.
“We are constantly learning from each other.”

Our design process has also been started from the very basic idea that we, human being, are constantly learning from each other. Therefore, our proposal answers to the question of how we can enhance the encounters between people even in this era where the information consumptions are happening more and more in an individual level.
Simple but strong architectural element that can facilitate the communications between visitors came to the site with different purpose: library, art exhibition, music concert, music recording studio…the natural sun light into the space.

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Location: Gwangju City Libraryl, South Korea, Mission: Architecture project, Area: 11 200 m², Client: Gwangju Metropolitan Government, Budget: 27M Euros, Project Type: Public International Competition. Finalist, Mention Honorable. 광주 시립 도서관 국제 공모전 수상작 리셋 스튜디오