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Location: Seoul, South Korea
Mission: Architecture project
Area: 1 300 m²
Client: N/C
Budget: 2,4M Euros
Project Type: Private
Status: Suspended

The project is located in southern part of Seoul, in front of a boulevard to the west and a small alley to the east with a difference of level of 15 m. In order to follow the natural slope of the site and enjoy the natural light, the number of basic modules (about 5m x 5m) decreases on the upper floors.



The project includes a parking space (basement), a commercial space (330 m² on the ground floor), an open plan office (270 m² on the R + 1), and a villa (250 m² on the R + 2, R + 3) and a swimming pool (R + 4). These spaces are linked by the external staircase and by inside core.



On each floor, the gardens are located to the south and west and the spaces are organized around patio for the retail floor and the villa floor.  Two independent accesses to the site are proposed: access from the boulevard for the public and private access from the small alley on the hill.

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Location: Seoul, South Korea, Mission: Architecture project, Area: 1 300 m², Client: N/C, Budget: 2,4M Euros, Project Type: Private