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Location: London, United Kingdom
Mission: Public installation
Area: 200 m²
Budget: 50 000 Euros
Project Type: International competition

This proposal aims to reinterpret one of the first manmade monument built to observe and admire the movements in the sky: Stonehenge.


In our everyday lives, it is possible to pass it without any appreciation or even acknowledgement of the complex and beautiful movement of natural elements around us. This pavilion invites the visitor to slow down and to trace similar physical and spiritual paths to their ancestors, with openings oriented towards significant solar and lunar events as they did at Stonehenge. Whist in the pavilion, the vertical elements draw visitor’s attention upwards towards the sky and then when the path opens, up it brings their eye towards the horizon, drawing their attention to an event in the earth cycle.


Though the inspiration is prehistoric, the context and material are very contemporary. Because of the temporary nature of the pavilion the vertical elements are made of paperboard tubes. The material is 100% percent recyclable, inexpensive and can be easily procured but is an elegant way to achieve visual effect of verticality and nature. It reflects the idea of human hands altering a natural material to create a building material, much like they did at Stonehenge

Sun events Annual event summer solstice sunrise of June 21st 2015 Moon events Full Moon 2 July 2015 Minor South 10 Capricorn 5 Libra 18.05S Quarter Moon 5 september 2015 Minor Last Quarter 13 Gemini 1 Libra 17.20 N …..

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Location: Dives-sur-mer, France, Mission: Urban Master Planning, Area: 18 000 m², Client: The City of Dives-sur-mer, Budget: N/C, Project Type: Public project, Status: Completed in 2017