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Maison de l’Egypte (Invited finalist, Entry)


Location: Paris 14é, FRANCE
Mission: Architecture
Area: 4 300 m²
Client: Egyption Embassy in France
Project Type: Invited Competition

Partner: A26,ECG International


Building a new country residence in Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris involves a mental projection that guides the design process adapted in the particular environment in the campus in Paris, while keeping the country’s own identity. It’s an approach of openness, research, listening, observation and analysis of the process. We imagined a project inspired by Egyptian culture that represents the openness of the Egyptian civilization and of the egyptian contemporary culture.

The geometry of the site plot offers the possibility of proposal of dual volumes, revealing internal site situation; that protects the residence from the urban noise pollution from the famous ring highway in the South and opens towards the park on the North. These dual volumes are two residential wings, one on the East facing the garden of the world and on the West on the common garden between the Maison de la Corée which turns into a vegetable slope towards the ring highway. The two side wings are tilt at their own way, creating the private space of the residence. Between these residential wings, there proposed a central common space that connects two volumes where the residents can meet, communicate and eat together, enjoying the large open park located on the North.

The general tone of the building mainly is an inspiration from the variations you can find on the Nil’s shores, with black sands near to the water, varying to the brighter sand color the more to the upper side.

The sequences of exterior stairs with terraces, are real community spaces, facing the park and with visual link with the dining room on each floor. These ones are easily reachable from the main internal corridor. Assembled with two floors, they offer important volume giving daylight et allowing the connection of residents between floors. The roof, as a fifth facade, is designed with accessible wooden terraces and green areas, to make another space for conviviality and take benefit of tremendous panoramic views 360 grades to Paris and the CIUP park.

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Location: Paris, France, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris Mission: Architecture, Area: 4 300 m², Client: Egyptian Ambassy of France, Ambassade de l'Egypte en France, Project Type: Concours sur invitation, Appel d'offre privé. Finalist, 파리 국제대학촌 기숙사 이집트관 리셋 스튜디오