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Location: Creil, France
Mission: Architecture project
Area: 1 500 m²
Client: Oise Habitat
Budget: 2 500 000 Euros
Project Type: Public project

In this project, we can read a architecture morphology in the whole site as a small collective housings extend to the neighboring large complexes. Another reading is possible that of the composition of the single-family house in strip and ouverlayed. The ground floor offers 5 house units facing north-south, overlooking a garden to the south. In the upper floor, there are 5 duplexes.


The project is entirely done with wood structure.  The load-bearing structure is made of solid BBS wood. All the rainwater is recovered from the roofs in a network stored in tanks in the basement.


Greenhouses to the south allow a supply of heat for the cold seasons in the dwellings. The greenhouses are also an extra space for the accommodation from the living room.

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Location: Dives-sur-mer, France, Mission: Urban Master Planning, Area: 18 000 m², Client: The City of Dives-sur-mer, Budget: N/C, Project Type: Public project, Status: Completed in 2017