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Location: Montreuil, France
Mission: Architecture project
Area: 100 m²
Client: Private
Partenaires: Stabilam Constructeur Bois BET
Budget: 210 000 Euros
Project Type: Private
Status: Completed 2016

Located in a town outside of Paris, the Vertical House is a residential project that required precise planning.  The site itself is located in a dense residential area which has strictly imposed size, height and conservational restrictions. The challenge was to design a spacious, contemporary home for the client that would sit within the 25m² footprint and zoning limitations.


The location also has as an advantage in that it would have beautiful panoramic views once the building was completed. To take advantage of this, large windows are places in the front and the back on house on all levels to allow for the views and are unified as “view” bands in black. By breaking up house into view bands and solid bands and cladding it in horizontal wood slats, the verticality of the volume is contrasted and visually stabilized.


To give the client a sense of space we built upwards to the limits of the regulations and created lofty gathering spaces. The double height communal space allowed large amounts of light to penetrate the compact house.

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Location: Montreuil, France, Mission: Architecture project, Area: 150 m², Client: Private, Partenaires: Stabilam Constructeur Bois BET, Budget: 250 000 Euros, Project Type: Private, Status: Completed 2016 Maison Verticale, Montreuil, France, Extension Verticale 150 m², Client: Privé, Partenaires: Stabilam Constructeur Bois BET, Budget: 250 000 Euros, Livré en 2016